Reasons Your Child Can Not Sleep

Reasons Your Child Can Not Sleep

Reasons Your Child Can’t Sleep – She’s Too Young!

Few babies sleep all night immediately. During the first two months, newborns sleep again and again at random times from 12 to 18 hours a day. Most babies sleep through the night when they are approximately 9 months old. Even then, “night” means only five to six hours in a row.

Reasons Your Child Can’t Sleep – You’re the Sleep Aide

Put a baby to sleep every night, and he can not learn to fall asleep alone. Instead, try to get what helps you-you. Put him to sleep when he is sleepy, but do not sound sleepy. It will become a “sucking” that learns to fall asleep alone, even if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Reasons Your Child Can’t Sleep – He’s Over-Tired

Toddlers and preschoolers need between 11 and 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours, including night and naps. The routine is key, so establish regular schedules for bedtime, getting up, taking naps, eating and playing.

Reasons Your Child Can’t Sleep – Separation Anxiety

It is normal for your child to go through this phase. Try not to encourage it with a lot of conversation, singing, swinging or extra shots. Around 6 months, it can help a baby to go back to sleep alone. While she does not look sick, talk softly and rub her back. Comfort it, but do not make it too rewarding by lifting or feeding it. A night light can comfort small children who are afraid of the dark.

No Bedtime Routine

Doing the same things every night before bedtime helps your child know it’s time to sleep. Create a routine at bedtime to relax and rest. For example, each night your child takes a bath, listens to him read a story, takes a snack and then turns off the light. Do the same routine every night and always end up in your child’s room. It is better to start a routine early, at 4 months.

Bedtime Stalling

Some children delay bedtime. They invent reasons to stay awake or ask for more stories, a drink or a trip to the bathroom. Adhere to the routine. Enter your child’s room to answer. Be kind and firm. Make your visits shorter and shorter. Let your child know it’s time to sleep.

Not Enough Nap Time

Reasons Your Child Can Not Sleep: If they do not get enough sleep during the day, little children will sleep in the night. Maximum children need two or three nipples a day. Young children need at least one nipple. The maximum number of children still takes a nipple after lunch unless they are 5 years old. If your child is quick and eager, take him or someone nap, as long as he is not near the bed.


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